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Emerging Aviation Technologies: Challenging the Status Quo in Australia' - AAUS - (Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems)

Last year the AAUS (Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems) organised the first series of conferences on 'Emerging Aviation Technologies: Challenging the Status Quo in Australia'. The conferences took place during two days, in Melbourne CBD and at the Avalon Air Show 2023. After the first day, a party was organised at a bar in Melbourne CBD. 

Le Beaujolais Soirée by FACCI

Le Beaujolais Soirée, one of the flagship events organised by FACCI (French-Austrlian Chamber Of Commerce) took place on the rooftop of Le Méridien Hotel, in Melbourne, VIC. It was a very busy evening with many guests, a silent auction, a raffle and speeches.

In France, when the red wine Le Beaujolais arrives, it is a tradition to celebrate it on the date of its arrival. 

Le Stand France (Business France) All Energy Show, Melbourne, VIC

The power of French energy companies represented on

Le Stand France at the All Energy show in Melbourne. Le Stand France, was created, and run by Business France which help small to medium sized French companies find commercial partners in focused markets in Australia and overseas.

Roche Wines Dinner Party

At Roche Wines, located in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, the Roche organise dinner parties. Pénélope and Dylan hire local Chefs to cook for a number of guests. On that evening, Aman Dosanj from the Paisley Notebook cooked a delicious and very spicy feast that blended beautifully with their wines. What stroke me the most is how well Aman used her axe on the wood!