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Portraits & Stories

Single portraits of friends in Namibia, Africa and Victoria, Australia. When portraying someone with my camera, I want to capture glimpses of who the person is, in his/her environment. Therefore, I’m after facial expressions and/or activities that are relevant to my subject. I try to avoid as much as possible static and paused photos. 


The Mermaid

Brooke Morgan, a talented model, paused for us during one of the workshops of the Mega Photography weekends, organised by Benjamin Ericksson and Dale Rogers. As a stage and movie director, I’m after the emotions and expressions actors can give to their characters. So, in ‘The Mermaid’ Brooke is being a model and an actress, because I focused on getting her emotions, even though she was modelling. 

The Short Life of the Fabulous Lady Creepy

My veggie patch is my Holly Land! I love planting, growing and eating the veggies from my veggie patch. I discovered that great enjoyment three years ago when I planted and harvested my first veggies. 

Lady Creepy appeared last year. When I saw this ugly but very cute Genuwine tomato, she inspired me straight away. So, I decided to create a story in which she would be the only character. In 5 frames, I tell the story of a very brave tomato who gets cut by a knife and a taunting bowl. The Fabulous Lady Creepy suffers, bleeds out but keeps on smiling and, ends up in a tomato salad. 

Also, her story is a plea to have more ‘ugly’ veggies in the supermarkets because they are as good and tasty as the ‘beautiful and more sellable’ ones. Bring on more organic veggies! 

The Surfer

With Benjamin Ericksson and Dale Rogers, during the last Mega Photography weekend of the year, (which I didn’t know it was going to be the first and last one), we tackled Sports photography with Will, a young surfer. It was great fun being on the beach, feeling the sand and water with my feet, and capturing him surfing the waves. When I see the photos now, I’m surfing on a wave of freedom that I miss extremely, having been in lockdown for so long. 

The Girl With A Golden Wrap

In a wrap of freedom, infinity, space, water and sky, Brooke Morgan modells for us in Phillip Island, during another Mega Photography weekend with Benjamin Ericksson and Dale Rogers.