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Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Namibian Rhapsody Stars

'C' and 'U' are very precious to me. They are my diamonds, my stars.  Both were taken during this life changing trip I did in Namibia, Africa in January 2019. 'C' was taken in Deadvlei during a very special sunrise and 'U' was taken from a helicopter whilst the fog was taking over the Namib Desert. Both photos are only available in metal with a floating hanger to hang them.

Namibian Rhapsody

Namibian Rhapsody presents a series of 9 photos that I took on my first helicopter ride, on my first photography trip during my first time travelling in Namibia, Africa, in 2019. Who would have guessed that this trip would change everything in my life? During this 1hour helicopter ride without doors, 2 other photographers and I witnessed history as we watched a huge sea of fog taking over the red sand dunes of the Namib Desert, in Sossusvlei. With my eye stuck on the viewfinder and my finger pressing the release button non-stop, I couldn’t stop capturing what was unfolding in front of my lens. And today, I’m very happy to share with you these rare photos that captured an extraordinary natural phenomenon. 


Most of these photos have been awarded in international photography contests. 


As Limited Editions, they are available in 25 prints each, as canvas in three sizes. Each of them is numbered, signed and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.   

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